Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bunny Quilt

I made this small 'quilt' yesterday. It is 24 by 32 inches. It's definitely not a 'professional' job, I made it on the fly out of my fabric stash. I'm really liking the quickness of the sewing machine, but will have to work on my accuracy with it more when things really need to be 'exact.'

'Bunny' quilt for Bazooka

Her crib, which we will probably order at the end of the month (since it takes two weeks to get in to the store) will be 34 by 20 inches. This small quilt can also be useful for covering up her car seat carrier or as a playmat. It isn't extremely heavy - just a layer of flannel in betweeen the top and the bottom. I can always make a bit bigger and/or thicker ones as well.

We picked up this nearly new car seat at the flea market.
It looks a lot like the one on the shelf at WalMart. We found the instruction sheet for it online at the manufacturer's site and I ordered a new locking-clip for the seat belt on Ebay. If it gets a little cooler tonight maybe I'll take it out to the truck and see how it fits in there.

Pogo shows off her furry tummy and cute black-bottomed paws


Unknown said...

That's a really lovely quilt! :)

Chris said...

Cute quilt! And fluffy spotty Pogo tummy! *pat pat*

Jeanne said...

I like the quilt a lot. And not bad really for someone not used to using a sewing machine. I'm always amazed by your hand-sewing, which I can't do at all.

Anonymous said...

The quilt is really cute!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful quilt.