Monday, August 20, 2007

Assorted Stitches

I made a second, better changing pad this weekend, along with some experiments that didn't work out. I did a lot of sleeping at the beginning of the weekend, but have straightened out a little bit since then.

Instructions for Changing Pad (linked for searchers)

Pogo approves of this one and it's long 'tail.'

Folded up and tied.

I used some of the fancier stitches on the machine to get some practice. This blue fabric had some 'stretch' to it too, just a tiny bit, and it was challenging to work with.

I really should iron the flannel before sewing it up - it would make it look a lot better.

The dogs found this tiny copperhead (poisonous) snake in the house this weekend.

Mark was the brave one who both took the picture and caught it in a jar to dispose of it with. It wasn't too small to strike, and it did try. To get an idea of how tiny this snake is, the black hairs in the bottom right of the picture are dog hairs, and those white spots are spots in the floor pattern!


Chris said...

That snake was in your house?! Dang...

mrspao said...

Gosh - a snake! I would have been frightened!

RheLynn said...

Yes it was in the kitchen! It was a tiny snake, about the size of a pencil - but still dangerous.

Our team of watchdogs barked loudly and rapidly to let us know they had cornered 'something bad.'

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! In your kitchen! I'm never visiting you. Ever.

Ladeewolf said...

I think I'd be hunting how it got in, Maybe the big one was it's momma. She might have babies under the house. Thats too much for me to think about. I believe I've scared myself now.

Jeanne said...

In the house?!?! And I thought I wanted to move to TN.

Lynn said...

Uhhhg! a Snake!
I am so glad we don't have rattlers in this area of Ontario, where I live.
Our rattlers don't come so close to the city of Toronto in Ontario.
Gravenhurst is where rattle snake country begins.
That is about 2 hrs North of Toronto.

Anonymous said...

thats not a copperhead. its a brown snake aka dekays snake. completely harmless. maybe you should do some research on your native wildlife

RheLynn said...

Anonymous: My husband looked up your Dekays snake and said perhaps you are right - although the pictures he found don't have the bar pattern this tiny snake did. He's still not certain but does say he has seen the brown snakes in the woods before although we are at the far southren edge of their range.

We were also apt to call it a copperhead because only ten days earlier our Great Dane had killed a copperhead and gotten injured in his jaw and neck. He swelled up badly around the bite and got very sick, but he did survive.

Anonymous said...

Unquestionably a harmless Dekay's Snake in this case; always best not to handle them if you don't know the species though.