Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pogo pictures and a surprise from Mrs.Pao!

DeeDee is doing well with her eight babies. They don't have their eyes open yet but seeing all the pink paws wave in the air is very cute.

Pogo was trying to get away from Bunny puppy this morning and fell asleep in the magazine rack again - she barely fits now!

I've been doing some more painting and listing some more of my art on Ebay

Mark keeps both hands busy with Kelba and Pogo

Pogo: 'Ear Rub! Ahhh....'

'Fox Makes medicine' ACEO card

What a wonderful surprise was waiting for us at the post office today!
Thank you so much Mrs.Pao! I was very confused by the 'New York' address and wasn't sure I was reading the 'from' address right until I opened up the card ;) It's all so CUTE!

Click picture to enlarge - cute onesies!

Equally cute sleepers and a baby shawl

Lots of bunnies and bears and stripes, how cute is that? Thank you from both of us! (well, all three actually)


Chris said...

Aw, how very, very sweet of her!

mrspao said...

Glad you liked it :)