Monday, August 13, 2007

Monsters and Mice play with the Sewing Machine

My monster for the 'Mouse or Monster' swap on Swapbot.

Thanks for everyone who asked after Spot - he is doing just fine, not acting any different than his usual BOUNCE-y self. He comes in the house, does a few laps in the air conditioning then wants back outside to chase around some more.

OH! And.. I'm not the only pregnant female around here. One of the Great Dane girls, Dee-Dee, is going to have puppies next month. Wow - that should be quite a time!

Actually, we're pretty surprised by it. We weren't even sure she could become pregnant. She's two years old and last year she didn't 'take.'

We found out she has 'abnormal' anatomy, all of her female parts and a bit that was trying to develop into male, but didn't finish. Since it isn't readily visible, we didn't even know she was any different than her sister Blaze. We don't think her abnormality will get in the way of the puppies being delivered. A lady from Cornell University actually was studying this, and wanted to see her last year, but we couldn't make the trip.

I took yesterday to relax, and played a bit more with the sewing machine. I made a few more burp cloths and then, out of the last bit of the fabric remnant, made a little whatsit toy.

Mouse or Bear?

Mousebear taking his place in Bazooka's caddy.

Early this morning around 3 am the sky was so clear here, I took a little walk up our driveway to see the stars. The Milky Way was bright and detailed. I could also see the Pleiades, and caught one shooting star out of the meteor shower.

I have a Python program to go altercate with... hope it will cooperate ;)


mrspao said...

I could say that you have a new birthing partner... :)

Chris said...

My goodness, a sort of hermaphrodite dog?! Cute monster!

RheLynn said...

Chris: yes, but how exactly is really complicated! I'll send you an email.