Friday, August 10, 2007

Spot, Blaze and the Snake

Spot after snakebite

Last night Blaze was barking panic-like outside and Mark went out to investigate. A few moments later I heard a gunshot as Mark shot the head off a poisonous copperhead snake. It was inside our fence, maybe looking for a cool place to hole up under the house.

Spot, our big Great Dane boy, was bitten by it, and that sent Blaze running for help. He seems uncomfortable today, but okay otherwise. The swelling has dispersed today and he is running around like the other dogs - just with a funny looking mouth.

Earlier that day, all that was attacking around here was a serious case of 'Contagious Nap Zone.' Mark and Pogo both 'fell victim' to it ;)

UPDATE: The ultrasound test for the bloodclot came out clear, and the swelling is down some. They said to keep an eye on it still, and keep that leg up - but looks okay for now.


Lynn said...

wow lots of activity I missed.
glad to hear the bloodclot scare was just a scare.
I used to have one leg go numb cuz Cameron was sitting on the nerve. He was a low flying baby that also effected my bladder something terrible.

Ladeewolf said...

Also glad that bloodclot was just a scare, sorry about the dog too, Watch him for bloodpoisoning or any infection. You might want to get him some antibiotics. Love the diaper bag.

Anonymous said...

Glad the bloodclot wasn't anything too serious.

Your poor dog! I have a kitty missing right now and I keep wondering if a snake has gotten her.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad the news is good about the clot. And the snake! So scary!

Anonymous said...

Oh how scary! I hope Spot's okay.

You and Pogo napping are the cutest thing!

mrspao said...

Glad to hear you are ok. Hope Spot's bite is too!

I love the idea of a spontaneous nap syndrome! :)

Jeanne said...

Poor Spot. I am glad to hear the bloodclot won't be a big deal.

Chris said...

Whew re both the blood clot and Spot!!