Saturday, August 04, 2007

Food Monstrosity - Strong Stomachs Only!

I'm even a little ashamed of this one, and since I've been pregnant I've made some weird concoctions... like when I went through the 'egg goes with EVERYTHING' stage a few months ago.

This is a little like that.
Strong stomachs only please, because this wasn't pretty.. but it tasted wonderful. I'm sure it has lots of stuff I was craving, which is the only reason it tasted good at all to me ;)

In a blender:
Extra-virgin olive oil (1.5 tbsp) and white wine vinegar (<1 tbsp)
pinch of sugar, pinch of salt
a little mayonnaise, but not much because we didn't have the 'real stuff'
A large handful of black olives.
two large slices of fresh tomato
a cooked egg
a liberal dose of hot curry powder, and another dose of paprika

Then I blended it up - and it looked like someone fermented caviar in french dressing... but still, one small taste and I was piling it up on two pieces of bread and eating the whole thing...

There's still a little left though. I've told Mark to beware the little teacup with the aluminum foil covering ;) I think it'll go well smeared over some fish later.
The only defense I have is pregnancy. Nutrient-seeking? Fat seeking?


Anonymous said...

Eggs, olives and tomatos, protein, fat,lycopene and vitamin A. Sounds good for you. Probably closer to real food than most.

Canapes for everyone! ;)

mrspao said...

That doesn't sound too bad!

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting craving you've got there. :-)

RheLynn said...

To be honest it started out as 'I'll just make some salad dressing from scratch...' and then the cravings and strange ideas kicked in ;)

Lynn said...

another pregnant Mother would be saying heart burn heart burn!
It is too funny.
I knew I was pregnant really early with both of mine because I would suddenly crave cabbage, and I would suddenly eat Mushrooms.
And advertisements of food would make me sick.

Jeanne said...

Well, I could live without the curry, but otherwise...