Friday, August 03, 2007

Red kangaroo coat (work in progress)

We had a huge storm yesterday, the first in quite a while, and some lightning knocked out parts of our network and hardware until a little while ago. Mark finally found the things that were out of whack and was able to get them back to normal.

Unfinished red flannel coat

Made using the pink jacket from the flea market as a pattern. I'm learning a few things and will probably make a few changes before I make another one.

I'm going to embroider a kangaroo on the front and put some red ribbon up the edge to hide some sew-on snaps. I'm saving finishing the bottom hem until the last step, which is why it looks a little fuzzy.

Baby Update: They say the baby's activity in the last few months are a good indication of how active they'll be once they are born. My What to Expect When You're Expecting book mentions that where they talk about tracking 'normal fetal movement patterns.'

If that's true, we're really in for something! This little girl is doing gymnastics in there, and often. It feels like little tremors or she is bouncing on the inside of me like a trampoline. Very few of them feel anything but 'interesting' - not painful. One time however, she has hit a nerve, maybe?, that sent a quick sharp pain from my hip all the way up to my shoulder and neck. I told her to settle down in there after that one ;)


Anonymous said...

I love the jacket. It's adorable.

mrspao said...

Lovely jacket! She sounds like she is destined to be a bundle of fun!