Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Zakka, and turkeys

What, did I miss turkeys?... okay sleepy...

Cool 'zakka' stuff I saw today:

Yes Willow, you did ;o) But they didn't miss you!

Saw these on the way to work,
the 'guys' were being protective of their hens,
they didn't like the smell of cat coming from the truck ;o)

I might not last on this 'Use what you have' thing... :o( I have so far, but I want a 'nice' fabric for the bag, and some variety for the toymaking as well. But - online shipping is $$$, and Jackson (the nearest non-Walmart fabric source) is so far away.... an hour drive is far away for our work schedule :o( If only I could spew out onto fabric the multitude of designs in my head - then I'd be on a roll. Too bad, I don't have my screenprinting supplies from college either!


Chris said...

Oh, those elegant bunnies and kitties were very cute.

I saw turkeys Saturday, late afternoon, coming back from the baby shower!! Forgot all about that.

Excellent Willow picture. :)

Bummer about the lack of a fabric source. Can you go on the weekend??

Carrie K said...

My brother in law used to feed the wild turkeys on his ranch, hoping to lure them to Thanksgiving Dinner, eventually. (He claims).

They're pretty darn majestic looking. No wonder Ben Franklin wanted them to be our National Bird.

I'm really trying to do the "use what you have" thing - helped, no doubt by having no time, and yet, still want new stuff.

RheLynn said...

Thanks we see these turkeys once in a while, but I had the foresight to bring the camera today ;o) The girls loved them, until they 'gobbled' loudly and came close to the truck.

I do want to try to go to Jo-Ann's (Jackson store) tomorrow, but I'm not sure either of us will feel up to it.

stuffed said...

Gorgeous kitty pic. Love the turkeys.