Thursday, March 02, 2006

'Octopus in Love'

I was so tired when we got home last night! However, I did drag out my printmaking remnants and made a few little cards. They are hand-drawn on BFK Rives remnants. (not printed) The deckle (torn/wavy) edge is natural from the edge of the paper.

If printmaking paper doesn't have this kind of edge, its not the good stuff! I had to explain it to J - he thought I should cut it off straight. Should I?

I started out with just the 'ladyfish' (on the left card), but the Octopus guy came in and stole the show ;o) He is in love with her! (and a little bit flirty too) I guess I get silly when I'm tired.

Today I have a bad headache which I am trying hard to ignore. I'm off to get my work done and, if the headache goes away, there is more varnishing to do on the office shelves.

I was over at Knitiot Savant and saw her confessional. I don't know if this counts, but here goes.

My Knitting Confessional : My box of Palette (from Christmas) is mostly untouched, except for the purple socks and a kitty softie I started on, neither of which has been finished yet. I always feel bad when I don't use something right away... which is probably why my stash is very anemic.

From Main Street by Sinclair Lewis, Chapter 7:
While Kennicott put up his (storm) windows Carol danced inside the bedrooms and begged him not to swallow the screws, which he held in his mouth like an extraordinary set of external false teeth.
Like I said before, this author uses such adjectives and images!

Pink Bathtub notecards. I love her fish!
Chinese Dog Notebook <-- These are so cute, and very good bookbinding examples!
Cute and strange knit creatures from 'boy knits world.'


Chris said...

Hope your head feels better by now! The cards are cute! Hmm, if you could get the ragged edge on the right side of the card instead of the bottom, I think it would be ok. But with it across the bottom, maybe better straight?

The little black kitty arrived and is sitting on my work computer - so cute!

RheLynn said...

I think the headache heard you coming ;o) it's half-gone, and I hope the other half goes before long.

Thanks for the advice on the cards -- I'll have to hunt down my paper-cutter and trim the remnants for the next set.

Great! It was really cute! What does Chaos think? There are now two other black kitties in your house ;o)

Chris said...

Heh, this little black kitty is going to sit on top of my computer monitor at work - I need a smile here! Ack.

RheLynn said...

Oops sorry! Chaos won't have the competition then ;o)

I guess I was projecting - as my home and work are so intertwined most of the time (my laptop travels between as does most of my desk, and our cats!)

Chris said...

Oh, those "boy knits" are super cute! I particularly (no surprise) liked Jiji. :)

I have a work computer (supplied by work) that is utterly stationary. When I work at home on my computer, I VPN into my work computer. It's awfully nice not having to lug a computer around.