Monday, March 27, 2006

I Need a Haircut (before)

I seriously, SERIOUSLY, need a haircut
This is about four months of procrastination. I need to look into some of the treatments I used to use as well... it just won't behave lately.

If you have any reccommendations -- I'd be glad to hear them!
Juicy tidbit: At summer camp, my nickname was 'Cousin It'... I was going through that hair hanging over the eyes phase at the time. Usually I have it tied back now.

Willow has a twin! Of course they aren't identical, (and I think he's a boy) but I was amazed ;o) Willow also has that white line down one side of her nose.

The laundry bags are almost done. I have the bottom and the snap-ties to finish on the second one, then I can set them both up on the dolly and take a picture ;o) J said they were really neat, and he might even use them... I hope this is the first step to having a more organized house.

I'm being a girl - I want to make this skirt, but without the bow. I don't like the quality of WM's clothes. Without driving to Jackson, it is about all the choice there is. Instead, I'll go to a thrift shop or make what I want. This skirt lines itself - which I thought was very cool. It will take me months to duplicate it though :o( no quick project for me.

After two girly things in one post, if you knew me better, your jaw would have hit the floor ;o) I was such a tomboy growing up. I scared a lot of people when I wore a dress to school the week of graduation!

I'm excited, two bunny swaps in the making!

What a rabbit! : Hop Skip Jump's Honey rabbit. Her apron matches her ears.. and I love the daisy fabric on her arms!

I have to get back to work now, we have articles to edit and cupboards to hang, doorframes to varnish and bags to sew. Hope you are having a great day! (haircut is due for thursday, there will be an 'after'... if I'm lucky)


Chris said...

Oh, that kitty does look like a slightly fluffier version of Willow!

Heh, I was just thinking I needed a haircut, too - I think I last got one in, um, hmm. September? Maybe. It will be fun to see your after pictures!

I buy most of my clothes at the thrift store. :)

RheLynn said...

I think: 'If this sweater(pair of pants etc) survived to make it to this thrift store, and in good condition... its a good sign that it might not fall apart in my washing machine anytime soon ;o)

Chris said...

I like that it's part of "reduce, reuse, recycle" and makes great financial sense, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Haircut. You know, in my opinion, you just can't beat shoulder length hair. It looks good on everyone. You still have enough to tie back/up.

I think a little fusible interfacing will definately be good for the bunny! Gives the stitches something to hang on to.

RheLynn said...

Chris: All good points ;o)

We put up the cabinets at work today -- J and I both say our arms are killing us! Home to watch 'Get Shorty' and more Japanes e anime

Susan: I'll try the interfacing as soon as I can wiggle my arms again ;o)

Carrie K said...

IMO, everyone who can should grow their hair as long as possible.

This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that once my hair hits my shoulders it refuses to grow any longer.

Pretty kitty!

Re-using is just good policy.

Get Shorty was pretty good, as I recall.

RheLynn said...

Get Shorty was good, weird... but good! ;o)

My hair has never been past the middle of my back, so far, but it grows very quickly. **knocks on wood**