Sunday, March 05, 2006

Backyard Greetings

I found out about this Knittblogger's fieldtrip from Chris. The rules say you can have an interior or exterior shot, depending on what is available. So, here is part of our backyard and a bookcase, since my backyard is only 'pretty' to cats, cardinals and squirrels ;o) Sally and Willow love to sit at the kitchen windows and watch the wildlife in these walnut trees and holly bush.

These are two of our many full, somewhat messy, bookcases. You wouldn't know to look at it, but they are a little bit organized *cough* *cough*

Another 'preview' of dolls I am making for the shop.
As soon as this one is completed (note pins in arms/legs)
I will continue working on the dress pattern for them.
Dolls shown are from two different, original patterns.

Question: When making a new dress pattern for a muslin doll, do you make a muslin first? ;o) I think I still have some scraps from my green dress to make one out of.

And Willow is lying sprawled on my lap, demanding attention. When I 'forget' her for a few minutes and type a few words, she goes 'Meow!' loudly and forces her head underneath my hands. These cats don't know how spoiled they are ;o)

PHC was from Grand Forks, ND today!
J has gotten us 'Flight Plan' for a movie tonight. It is really weird.
Zoo puzzle? and craft book picture
A Needle Case for sewing (pattern) and a little girl doll both at Kitty Craft.
Buzzville's Japanese Craft Library of photos.
Cute rabbit card!


Chris said...

It's really quite fun to get these glimpses into people's lives - like your desk. :)

Great shot of Willow!

Ugh, brain dead - warmer in St Peter, and so it was VERY moldy and I am beset by allergies.

RheLynn said...

Oh :o( You and Peeve both aren't feeling good :o( Hope you feel better after a good rest at home!

Chris said...

Well, I'm not sneezing anymore. I could still diagram my sinuses on my face. Time to sleep - that usually helps. Thanks! G'night!

Carrie K said...

I love your bookcase, but then I love all bookcases with books in them. Despite appearances, my bookcase is VERY organized. I just don't have enough room. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, lol.

Cool Willow shots! Hezekiah longs to be that spoiled. Poor kitty.

Glad you found my blog!