Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Seeking the South-facing Slope

We went out to look at another piece of land today -- a place that we are quite interested in. Here are a few pictures I took there.

This is from a 'tulip tree.'
If you look closely, you can
see J in the top-middle, climbing up the hill.

J is set on having our house on a 'south-facing slope' to catch most of the sun in the winter. He is very into natural architecture with the proper eaves and directions etc etc. (to keep the sun out in the summer) I'll leave him to be the brains of the house. I'll try hard to help out with the 'heart.'

And, I can't do a Blast from the Past like Chris, at least not right now, so here is my windblown hair after riding out to the land and back on a four-wheeler. J says he likes it this way. I say it's just messy ;o)

Doll SOLD 03/04/2006 Thank you!

I finished the doll last night. She isn't the one in the 'preview' from yesterday, but she didn't start out her life as a doll, either. I often fall back to this type of head and body when I can't get a new pattern to work out properly. This 'saves' some pieces that would otherwise be wasted. Wasting hand-sewn pieces is not fun!

Every time I 'prototype' a pattern, I use dark thread. This helps me see where the cloth is pulled on the most, and if I need to make changes in the construction next time around.


Chris said...

I like your picture much more than mine!! :) Fun to have a face to the blogger.

RheLynn said...

I thought it was about time ;o) I've got some 'Blast from the Past' photos, but have to scan them in. Actually I don't have a lot of 'teenage' pictures, just little-kid ones.

Congrats to Chaos! Sally wants to hire him as a private-eye to find all the bowtie mice she has hidden in our house ;o)

Rhiannon said...

I LOVE the doll. She is amazing!

Did you ink on the face, hair, and heart details??

Are you going to put this one or some like her up for sale on etsy?

Rhiannon said...

Nevermind... just went to etsy and saw she is already for sale!!

Congrats on two sales, how exciting.


Is that yarn I see on your dashboard? I like the mugs of coffee (I have given up coffee/caffine for the month of March and am sure to spot it everywhere!).

RheLynn said...

Thanks Rhiannon and Susan! I'm happier with this year's doll pattern than last year ;o)

On the second one though I have to give her a slightly smaller 'bun' in the back, as this one has two pearl buttons stuffed in her feet to keep her balance!

Yes it is ink on her, a '02' Micron 'waterproof' pen. She looks a lot like some of my art deco ladies I used to draw.

It isn't yarn, but it would make an interesting bag anyway. It is a piece of rope for kitten-toy/emergency that ended up on the dash when we were cleaning the vehicle. Those are coffee cups yes -- I made caramel coffee this week and it was VERY good!

Rhiannon said...

Mmmmmmm... Caramel Coffee. Sounds Delish!!