Sunday, March 19, 2006

Now to get back to sewing...

I gave in to a bit of cute owl stuff today:

I had five little 'owls' cut out last night and was working on making one of them into a snap-pouch. I'll probably work up a second pincushion too, just because I have lots of old buttons ;o) I'm looking through all the great stuff on backtack and trying to get more ideas.

Yet another reason backtack is so appealing to me today:
I'm going to have to sit down sometime this week or next weekend and make a messenger-type bag for myself as well.

This tutorial looks like a winner.

The handle on my daily bag (back right corner of desk) is coming apart (it is woven, so there is no repairing it really). This is the bag with great pockets inside to keep things separate, with an open top and a very 'non-purse' feel about it. It transports my knitting and sewing projects, as well as pincushion, scissors, needlecase, threads, measuring tape, etc.. in those handy pockets.

Ugh note : I opened a can of salmon today and found the whole spinal cord and lots of long thin bones inside. J says this is the norm (even though he is vegan, he says he has seen it before) My mom's brand of canned salmon NEVER had such things in it... Ugh! Nope girls - you don't get this, just plain canned tuna for you. I can't trust you to pick through your food before gulping.

OTOH: wasabi powder, lemon juice, olive oil and black pepper make this very good once the bones are gone.

It is 2 pm(my time) and I really should get back to some work ;o) We have hummus and crackers to make later on, and maybe mutant banana bread. That means three cleanings of the food processor though.. yikes!


Chris said...

Oh, yeah, I HATE canned salmon like that. Sometimes it even has skin in it. BLECH.

That's a super cute messenger bag!

Oh, I went to look at your bookmarks and got distracted on etsy... I might have to make myself one of these hats...

RheLynn said...

The hat is VERY cute ;o) I am sure you can make one quickly! Would you wear it?

I resisted buying some 'kimono bunnies' fabric today for the bag, will try to 'use what I have.' It was a hard choice though!

Chris said...

Alas, I really hate hats. Maybe I'll have to make such a hat for the niece or nephew. :)

Carrie K said...

That is a cool looking bag! Good grief, you can sit at your desk. You should see my rolltop. It won't roll, let's put it that way.

Ewww to the salmon spine even if the way I usually eat it is right out of the fish market. Tonight, in fact.

Wasabi is good for everything. I'm on a wasabi roll right now (hey! can that count as a pun?)

And GOOD GRIEF, GIRL! Going through a window????Thank God you're okay!

RheLynn said...

Heh Carrie K - the wasabi pun did make me smile ;o) thanks!

well.. this is desk #2... desk #1 has been previously featured as a large mess

Oh Chris! I totally blanked it before, you are going to make one for the little one that is 'on the way'?? cool! Then Chaos will get really confused ;o)