Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm cheating on my knitting project...

It was a pretty day today, blue sky, light wind.

The redbud is filling out, and giving lots more pretty purple

The picture of Sally with her nose to the computer.
That is a picture of Willow from my flickr account.

The brown and blue worsted-weight sock.

Mild : Copying the Master <--Netfunny joke
Spicy : Slightly Used Taser for Sale <--Netfunny joke

The girls were meowing for a good three hours straight this morning -- no idea why.

I've been knitting, but not on the purple socks. I've almost finished one of the brown-and-blue striped worsted socks (started when I was sick last week) I worked on it while we watched 'Get Shorty.'

I have lots more bunnies to sew~!

Sneaky Fabric Peek


Chris said...

I thought the Mild joke was funnier...

Heh, at least you have knitting progress, right?!

Chris said...

Have you seen this?

RheLynn said...

Chris, That is a great site! I have seen it before, but there wasn't that much there before, and I didn't know it was a group blog either... wow.

Bunnies are hopping out of my shop, it must be Easter ;o) And more are hopping onto my table. I think it's going to be a late night.

Pictures are on their way -- battery charger light is still red.

Chris said...

I like the hopping bunny image! :) Definitely take advantage of the season, eh?

Sally is so funny! Hmm, I wonder if I can get Chaos interested in the computer screen? It might be a bit different, since he's so used to all the mirrors around here...

Chris said...

More fabric... Oh, your spring pictures look lovely! It might be in the upper 50s here tomorrow.

RheLynn said...

I hope it IS warm tomorrow for you!

I think Sally only reacted to the picture because it was Willow. I showed her other cats, and she didn't have the same level of interest... She didn't even react to her own photo like she did to her sister.

Chris said...

Heh, I bet Sally doesn't know what she looks like - but she DOES know what Willow looks like. Since Chaos sees himself in mirrors all the time, I wonder if he'd react??

Carrie K said...

Sheba was really into mirrors. She never did get near the computer - too high up for her. I wonder if Hezekiah wants to look at kitty pics? Must check out.

That redbud is beautiful. We've still got rain. Record breaking rain! 1904.

I like those socks. They look very practical.

RheLynn said...

wow, over 100 years is a tough record to break!

I need practical socks -- the first two pairs I knit are kitten-chewed. Sally went through a 'I chew wool' stage back there ;o)