Friday, March 31, 2006

Haircut! (after)

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement! I couldn't get the pictures uploaded yesterday, but here they are.


And after!
I took off 7 inches!
You get blurry pics *warning*

Hey, you look different! What happened?
Willow is really a clown ;o)

Unrelated spring pictures


Rhiannon said...

Looks good!! I need to go in for one as well. Must get rid of the layers, they just don't work for me! You cut off A LOT, makes you feel lighter right!

Chris said...

Looks great!!

Oh oh, beware those cute kittens... :)

Re: the windshield wiper - I had the old blade off and the wiper arm slipped out of my hand and hit the windshield. Instant spiderweb. That's safety glass?!

Carrie K said...

Oh, it looks great, RheLynn!

Cute kitty pic.

RheLynn said...

Thanks everyone I feel SO much lighter, and like my neck grew an inch *heh*.

Chris: There is one that looks just like Sally! (she has four now! must be in the middle of moving them) He/She's even a little spitfire, chewing on all of the siblings, just like Sally! The girls stayed home today (varnishing) and I am missing them badly!

Chris said...


RheLynn said...

Chris that is really cute! Thanks!

Willow is mugging me badly right now --- she thinks anyone sitting at the 'floor computer' is required to play with her ;o)

stuffed said...

Looks fabulous! I prefer bobs myself.

Anonymous said...