Wednesday, March 15, 2006

'Madeleine' in black and red

I finished and signed her this morning. Here is 'Madeleine.'
She has a sort of 'Moulin Rouge' thing going on, you think?
I'm not sure how it happened, but the red is for Project Spectrum!

The dress and boots are not sewn on. The dress is crocheted, as all of my small knitting needles were occupied during this time.

And, although this wasn't a great picture, it has Sally 'supervising' in the background ;o)

My desk just gets messier and messier as time goes on ;o)

Links to pictures of 'Madeleine' in progress :
  • Pre-paint
  • Post-paint

    Rhiannon said...

    She looks beautiful!! You are an amazing artist.

    RheLynn said...

    Thank you Rhiannon *blush*. I'm surprised at what I picked to dress her in, it is _so_ not my own personality... but then, maybe it is hers ;o)

    Chris said...

    Wow, she is really cool - and I think her dress perfectly captures her spirit. You were channeling the doll...

    stuffed said...

    Tres sexy! Love her.