Wednesday, April 27, 2016


8.45    - Video: Lewis and Clark, hour 2
9.45    - break

10:30     - writing paragraph of Minecraft plans
11:00a     - CC Math Workbook
11:10a     - Stardew Valley
12.45    - reading: "Blowin' in the Wind"
    - "The King who tried to Fry an Egg on his Head"
1p    - Minecraft
1.30    - done

//I had the interesting experience of helping five German speaking teenagers (or so) with a project tonight at the hardware store I work at.  They didn't know I understand some German, and they were talking animately between themselves about the project the entire time, over my head, between each other, giving each other advice and exchanging ideas.  I did help with some things, as one of them spoke English well enough to be the interpreter for the rest.  But - I felt like I was a toddler, hearing things I understood all around me, bits and pieces - half the words understood, half not, some of that was too quick etc... but I have almost no ability to respond in German to any of this, only in English.

When I got home from work at ten Esme wanted to go right to bed.. and after she went to bed I opened up my Duolingo and refreshed my Spanish back to level, then started in on the German course (which makes three languages officially started on there, Spanish to level 7, French to level 5 and cleared level 1 in German in no time flat).  I remember a LOT about German, even though it has been years and years since I actively studied it.

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