Sunday, April 17, 2016


Put in half the garden yesterday afternoon.  Cucumbers, a single squash, radishes, arugula, purslane, kale and lots of flowers, cosmos, cockscomb, cleome, marigold, butterfly weed and zinnias.  Now we have to till the rest of the garden again to put in the beans and a few rows of corn.  Then my transplant tomatoes are getting second leaves - and/or buy a few.  The peas I planted inside (from last year's crop) are sprouting.  The lavender bushes I planted the other day seem to be doing okay - they might be wanting some drier weather, which is coming.

I'm reading 'Death of  a King', a middle-school book about time travel to the age of William Wallace and King Edward.  It was rec recommended somewhere, and it is turning out good so far.

Esme and I are both playing separate characters on Stardew Valley, and learning a lot about the game.

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