Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pastel Thursday

9:00    - reading: Half-Magic to pg.20
10       - Quizlet vocabulary and copying dictionary definitions
10.30    - Art: Intro to Pastels
11    - Minecraft
11.45    - CC Math Workbook
12p    - break

12.30    - town; stores and mechanic's
//Daddy said she held a conversation with a mechanic named Rosemary and observed as much as she could from inside the vehicle, looking through the windshield and talking to the lady.  Mark said Rosemary was much amused to have a running commentary during the oil change, but very open to answering questions.
1    - break

2p    - Stardew Valley
3.30    - done
Esme's pastel drawing of a forest scene with a deer, a nest of eggs, a bird and an apple.

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