Monday, April 11, 2016


8:15a    - Art : Everking dragon drawing and diagrams

9a        - Writing : Everking description

"This is the most rarest dragon in ever.  When you press fire it will shoot for a long time.  When the fire lands it creates a thick smoke screen.  The EverKing has 20 legs and 8 wings.  It is 14 people high and 84 feet tall.  It has 150 teeth.  To create the Ever King you need 2 Night Fury fire and of all the dragon's fire to create him.  And when he's Level 1 he can fly.  The Ever King eats underground fish and smaller dragons.  The Ever King loves to dig with his claws to find fish.  He likes to eat terrors as a treat.  The Ever King can wreck ships in an instant.  He controls dragons with his wings in a tempo."

10.15    - break

11a    - reading: Stuart Little to pg 25
11.30    - reading: Grandma Elephant's In Charge
    - reading: Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy
    - reading: Olivia the Orchid Fairy
1p    - done

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