Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday and it's 85 degrees outside...

7.30    - Diet & Nutrition questions, "There is really a Vitamin K?" and other questions
7.45    - break
9:45  - Nutrition article: reading about fats, proteins, carbohydrates and what different vitamins do in the body
10:00 - Happy Birthday Felicity : chapter 4 & 5
10:30 - CC Math workbook and number patterns
11:00 - break

12:30 - reading 2 'bear books' : Blueberries for Sal, Bruna
12:45 - break

//In the car on the way to the store she told Grandma what both of the 'bear' books were about and what happened... Grandma called it a book report ;)
2:00 - library, choosing books
2:30 - park, P.E. with kids
3:30 - nutrition in grocery store, comparing labels, choosing plants
4:00 - break
7:00 - gardening and cleaning /// We planted petunias and zinnias in a pot together, that she had chosen at the grocery store earlier.  I had her help me hose and scrub a plastic toddler bed she had when she was small so we can take it to sell at the flea market tomorrow.
7:30 - done

I took some pictures in the early morning while Esme was in the bathtub getting ready for town...

 Callie, our calico
 Our calico crew, from back Daphne, Lucy and Sweetie.. Callie is biting tails.

 Lucy is Esme's puppy.  She sleeps in Esme's room at night and reminds her when it is time to go to bed by dancing around her ankles and whining while pointing her nose in the direction of downstairs.

 Sweetie is my dog that thinks she has too much dignity to be photographed, unless, of course, someone else will be photographed..then it's unfair and she must be the only one how could I do that to my dog?  Oh yes, I am Sweetie's person - the one she must herd and look after... and she is my dog, the one I must pet the ears of and save a tidbit for from supper. 

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