Sunday, April 03, 2016

Garden 2016 - Late but we' re moving...

 Esme said it felt like summer out, today.  It has been so cold this year that we really haven't felt like it was time to start the garden.  And, then somehow, the past few weeks slipped away and then it really was time to start and I still didn't feel like it.  What's wrong with me, right?  Well... good question.  It was just cold... and cold is depressing.  We worked hard last year, but we still didn't get much return.  It wasn't really the weather, or the soil...I don't know.  So, I decided to downsize this year... not give up, but work harder on less.  So, we will see how long that idea lasts.  Mark got out the tiller and we ran out all of last year's gas doing the first workup of the soil.  I planted a few things indoors in the window greenhouse (borage, a pepper variety, a tomato variety, petunias and some other flowers) - and sorted through the seeds to come out with what I might plant this year.  Compared to everything I have stored away (like some sort of ground dwelling squirrel) it is not that much.. but should be more than enough to occupy time.  Again, let's see where those plans end up.

 This is the chair I wanted for sitting out in the garden and enjoying the nice weather.. when we have it.  Mark and Esme added a gnome-henge.  We will need to get some more bricks this year to finish out the edges of the beds (see below) that I was working on today.

 This area has always been for flowers and other small things... worked on it some today and singled out the perennial items, planted a few annuals...  The Dianthus plant below is supposed to be a perennial.  The dianthus I bought last year came back up this year, despite it being labelled an annual.  HEH.

It was very pretty and demanded to be taken home.... really all I was buying was marigolds. Really.  I blame Leigh at work for telling me I needed a cart because I was going to buy something.  It was hypnotism.  They are pretty.

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