Friday, April 08, 2016


9a - reading: 'Box Car Children'  finished to chapter 13
10:30 - CC Math workbook
10:45a - break
11:30 - library // geography game and choosing books
12:30 - break (town)
3:45 - science: Origin of Species dvd episode 2 and 3
4:15 - writing: Mouse Story
5:15 - done

 Writing is still her hardest subject, but her handwriting has improved during the year (penmanship lessons) and she is less resistant to going back and making edits and spelling corrections.  The goat took a big bite out of this page as I had laid it down to take a photograph of it and hadn't returned promptly.  The goat ate the homework.. how many times do you hear that?

This is her Minecraft interpretation of the children's boxcar and where they lived in it in the woods.  This is survival, which means she mined all that redstone herself for this project, and there are 9 redstone powders per block.  So, this is some effort put in to the materials.  It is set along a road I was building through a spruce forest.  She put a stone square outside with a furnace deep in it and she will fill it with water when they need to boil the kettle - the square.  She has some wood mats in the boxcar on one side and a chest to put food in that they find in the forest.

//And it is the weekend!  And I work the weekend... oh, right.  I did get some fabric today and am working on two pairs of pants for Esme.. one finished, one planned.  I am still working on my writing projects..(the ones started in December) .here and there, adjusting them between reading books, and adding some new stuff on lately.  As for books, I got another by Kim Edwards at the library today.  Esme got Stuart Little and Happy Birthday Felicity, the latter of which she sounded happy to read next week.  We got some other shorter books, too - and I think she'll like some of them.

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