Thursday, April 21, 2016


 We went for a walk and found lots of interesting things today.  
This birds nest was in a tree by Grandma's garden.

 This is a fungus that grows on our cedar tree... gross.

 This is a little grapevine growing in an oak tree.

 A hickory tree

 May apples

 An oak tree just starting to leaf our.

 A squirrel tree!  Err.. hmm.

This is a willow oak, we are fairly certain...

8.30    - reading: Felixity Saves the Day chp 3
9a    - reading: Borrowers, to chp 11
10.15    - CC math workbook
10.30     - Stardew Valley
12    - PE; stationary bike
12.30    - break
3:30  - Nature walk
4:00 - done

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