Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday for Friday

I was home late last night and to work early today... *sigh* so here is yesterday's

8.15    - reading: Stuart Little pg 96-done
8.45    - English Worksheet: Irregular Verbs
    - Stardew Valley
9.30a    - Research / writing : Why are evergreens always green?

10    - CC math Workbook
10.15    - PBS Documentary: Journey of Man
//Mark said the attitude of the man doing the research was very bad, smug.. he did not respect the ideas of the very people he was studying, instead 'I'm right' about his research... true they were talking about their creation myths vs. evolution but still, show respect man, these people let you into their homes and helped you to further your scientific research.

12p    - reading: Happy Birthday Felicity, chp 4
12.15    - done

//She gave me a report on the evergreen trees when I got home, then she went to dig in the yard with a trowel for about a half hour...bath, dinner, then bed.

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