Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nearing an End to Vacation bits

We went out and visited some friends today, and played video games at home :)

I made a few goals to write down ... been meaning to do some of these for a while but have not actually written them out anywhere.

Make egg noodles with Esme, as a school project for her.
Make sugar cookies again with our pretty cutters and BUTTER.  This would be more fun, but it could count as cooking class.
I've ordered a copy of the book Half Magic for Esme.  We've talked about 'be careful what you wish for until you know exactly what will happen' etc .. and that book came to mind.  She said she would wish for two snows then, so it would snow once.. or maybe four, because one might not be just enough.

Sewing workshop:
rag doll toy kind of like Rag doll but without the knitted stuff..
Put ties on Esme's blue dress... think about washing that purple fabric to make another one now that I know it is a little large on her.
Brown fabric made into a long skirt (like the linen one I love but is too transparent)

Upcoming Plans:
Make more KnitOwl toy patterns.  We have the scanner working on the new printer.
I really like the look of duvet covers but not the idea of down  as a filling material- have discussed making one as an extra warmth layer on the bed.  Something simple, not as involved as a quilt.  Mark and I have discussed making both this and some beanbag chair type things... projects for this summer.
Learning more about using natural clay.. Mark says we have some in the hills here and he knows where it is.  Doing more hands-on projects with Esme with air dry and papier mache clay.

Other News:
The puppies nearly have their eyes open.
Our geraniums are doing well.

I said something in French to Esme today to get her moving when she was at a store - and she said 'You speak in Minnesotan a lot to me, Mama.'  Err. .yes, I do, I'm from Minnesota - but that was French.  'French!  I love French! Do you know how to say Cheese Oemelette?'  Err .. yes.. Omelette du fromage. (Dexter's Laboratory episode),  Yes, that's it!  *laugh*
Watching Electric Company and I see something repeat and ask her if we just watched this episode or... 'No Mom, that's just an app.  An app?  Yea, an app - something the people who make Electric Company want kids to see again (and again).  OK. .but this is a DVD, not a computer or phone program - so we would say it is a repeat, not an 'app'.. an app is something you click on things in a computer program.  Oh, ok Mom, (whatever you say), but it's like an app.'

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