Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tuesday Greenhouse science and puppies

 Esme sporting her pretend glasses (see yesterday) and pointing out the seeds 
we are planting today.

All ready for the project!
 Writing it all down in her journal

 Sillyness with Daddy.

8.30a    - Matific math games, measuring, distance comparison, shapes
9a    - break

10:30a    - science, planting seeds 3 diff.kinds with journal entry
------We planted geranium seeds 'Black Magic' variety that I ordered from an Etsy shop.  We also did sunflowers 'Lemon queen' variety and lima beans 'Florida Speckled' that were all from our garden last year.  I intend to have her notice the differences between the different seedlings as they come up, different leaves, how fast one grows compared to another etc..

11:30a     -  break

12.30p    - multiplication chart -- 0 to 5 again by herself, then try the sixes.
12.45p    - eye chart, Snellen variety with 20 foot line.
Determination : We all have somewhat bad eyesight. I couldn't read the 20/40 line even with my glasses on.

1.15p    - balancing; headstands
1.30p    - vocabulary words - 3rd grade set first column. copying from sheet
2p    - break

2.15p    - vocab words - using in sentences, reading own handwriting!
2.30p    - cooking; rice krispie treats
3p    - puppy retrieval and observation
3.30p    - done

Minerva had eight puppies.  We had all of the other female dogs fixed, but not her.  She was so close and had never had puppies... so we decided to let it happen.  There are several real beauties, and she seems to be doing well.  We have lots of misplaced hormone reactions in the other girls, though -- they all feel they should have puppies, and they are reacting in different ways.  Sweetie and Nova are giving wide berth but are depressed.  Daphne is intense about sitting outside the puppy area and growling at everyone - especially Loula, who is spayed but is now the only one who never had puppies at all.  We have a long week ahead of us!

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