Monday, December 01, 2014


11.30a    - community center - walking, schedule
--We checked out the schedule and events at the community center - they have a basketball court and walking course.  We talked about the pool, taking swimming lessons next year, and found out the costs for the family to join and use the gym. 
12p     - thrift store, changing room, clothes sizes
--Esme found a dress in her size, we talked about ugly vs. pretty clothes, what made them different -- still not quite meshed on that.. she said she had dresses that were a little bit ugly, but pretty and she wouldn't change them etc.. I guess we'll return to that another day?  She tried on the dress and we bought it.  We found a cheap book that was on our reading list!  The Little House by Virginia Burton.
12:30     - break

1p     - library, seashells, books, playing music game
--There is a case with shells, crabs and seahorses and other shells in it on display at the library.  We got a reference book of shells to look at, and read part of another book The King on Stilts, trying to wait for a family to get done reading aloud.  Esme then introduced herself to the daughter - tried to play, but the mother was insistent it was time to leave... they were a homeschool family as well, but not one open to talking to strangers.  After a while playing a game no other kids came - and Esme said one thing she would like to learn about is how one gets glasses, and vision tests, and to look at glasses in a clinic.  We decided to go to the optometrist center at the Walmart and talk to the lady if she wasn't busy.  She talked to Esme about it, told her the fees.. we tried on glasses, sunglasses and then bought her a pair of very weak magnifiers so she could understand some about wearing and cleaning glasses.

2:30p     - vision center, birthday for Daddy plan, shopping

3p     - helping Grandma load car, unload - take groceries inside
4p    - reading aloud (The Little house)
4.45p    - break

5.45p    - 30x situps, 50x 5lb bench, headstands
6p    - done

She also began looking through her Science Starter book from the series Aunt Dot sent us.
She has been wearing the magnifier glasses here and there to read... hope it is not too bad for her.  She has 'cleaned' them several times.

//Notes:  I've finished reading the Farseer Trilogy, and began the Tawny Man Trilogy.  I had finished the vest portion of the purple sweater for Esme - it is a little large on her, almost fits me.  I have to think hard about whether to put sleeves on it.  I have one done and another half done of a pair of tall socks for myself, not quite knee high.  They are held up with ribbons, so they are not too tight around the calves.

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