Sunday, December 14, 2014

That Last Day of Vacation, again...for a while...

We played Skyrim for about ..six? hours *ha*.. and I was freezing.. so then it was time for soup and to sit down with a few little craft projects.  I'm making another 'Bracers of Wool Warmth Power' set.. as the last pair was not of wool but have served well.  I took a break after a bit and Esme and I collaborated together to make a rag doll.  I had been thinking to make one for her, and she had bought a dollar one at the store that probably won't last more than a week.. so we made her a 'big sister'.

This is Daisy, named for the buttons Esme found in my collection and asked for her shirt.  Esme chose the colors and I insisted on a little white collar for the buttons and putting yellow yarn on for braids as her hair didn't really work out otherwise.  It was based on the Black Apple doll pattern I saw out there - but I had to redraw everything.

Esme with the rag doll

with her Pumpkin cat, in a box, pretending to be cats
picture from Daddy :)

School requests this week:  She wants to get a quill pen, and a feather pen, and find out what that 'separate ink' thing is all about.  I told her she will have to actually try hard with it...  She also had an idea about hanging 'pretend fireflies' and then trying to catch them.  I'm not sure how educational the second one can be.. will have to think about it.  Glow in the dark paint?

Notes: I've finished up a few little things, a cotton yarn crocheted doily and a fisher bear woman drawing - sending them on to my stepmom as the doily colors reminded me of her request for a sunrise drawing.  How things link together in my head.....  // Cruising Pinterest the past few days and reading my stack of twenty-five cent library magazines has kindled some house-nesting instincts that probably won't do much over the next few months - but at least I've gotten a little crafty again.  Hence, the doll :)  I've felt in a slump lately..with holidays, and retail, and our busy homeschool goals... // 

Dream bit: Had some 'oh no its college all over again' scheduling dream last night that I had to find the philosophy class building after my math class - that math class I can never finish the work or remember if I've even been attending enough to pass... - search all over for the 'philosophy' and 'logic' class I somehow found at the bottom of the schedule - finally found it, and knew the walk between the two at the end of the day, every day, would be so hard to make it.  I'd end up late, choosing which to go to or not either.... but the class wasn't really a class at all, it was a workshop  - with toys, and writings, and reading works by authors I didn't know they had written....  I began to wonder how important this class was as a class - was it the people in the class, the journey to the place.. didn't I do these things already?  Could I do it better than the examples I was seeing here - was that the point?  Why didn't I do it more often?  Lots of other bits, - ended up as part of a large group trying to escape some 'roundup', in a boat begging to leave and watching a large fish trying to pull an overly stuffed large bird into the water, because both could not fly, and we couldn't leave either of them even if we were to go by sea or by air - it was one or the other, as they were chained or entangled or....  The (white porcelain goldfish scaled thing) pulled the bird behind it into the water and the bird was forced to swim underwater with it...worried about what would happen. and then began to emerge, 'unstuffed' as a white heron or stork gaining altitude.. came up right underneath me and I actually felt the feathers and wing bone like a real bird as I held on and the water fell away from us and it began to fly with me hanging on into the night down the river with the stars and moon above us.


Anonymous said...

Hi RehLynn!
I don't know if you remember me, Kellen (I'm the crazy woman from California who sent my husband to Tennessee to adopt a kitten), but I'm sure you remember Squint! I just wanted you to know he's fantastic, healthy and nutty as ever! Hope all is well with you. Your daughter sure has grown into an adorable young lady!
Happy Holidays!

RheLynn said...

Hi! Yes, I remember. It is great to hear an update :) I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season and thank you so much for letting us know!