Wednesday, December 10, 2014


9a -  tennis in the downstairs hallway
9.30a    - Making pancakes
10a    - break

10.30a    - Reading aloud (open highways 1966)
    rebus - she loved these!  She said they were funny.
    Encyclopedia Brown mystery
    'Searchwell' mystery story
    she left off at page 22.

11a - draw a picture that tells a story, write some about it
    - tennis
11:3p - math, multiplication tables to 10x10

I did the reading and math with our feet tucked in the bed, but was still freezing...and she was begging for more tennis playing.

12p -break for HOT bath (with math questions)

1:15p - talking about continents,
       Antarctica and Australia vs. Greenland (her question)
       Europe vs. Asia - tectonic plates analogies
       7 continent map lesson
1:45p -break
2p - talk about summer vs. winter with planet Earth's axis
    she wants to build a tent now...
    asking her to draw this cube and blanket idea she has.
    drew a plan and helped construct using PVC pipe parts
    brought tent out to tv area and put mat, pillow and     blanket in to have a rest inside.
2:30 - break

It has been so cold today - and Esme really wanted to do all of these things downstairs... I had to break for a hot bath just to keep my feet from frostbite.. and that was with two layers of socks on!

I finally convinced her to bring the tent upstairs (since her room was not going to happen, and it is one of the warmest places in the house so that would have been great) so she sat in it looking through the pictures in the Cat Love book but purposefully not reading much of it.. .she kept telling me she wasn't reading it.  *oh sigh*

She did a great job on her multiplication tables - and I hope to work it into our math more.  I had her 'completing the ten and twelve' while in the bathtub.. 6+4=10 and 4+6=10 etc etc.. because once she gets that committed to memory, she will be able to do other math faster... but she is starting to understand that she can 'cross the ten line' in her head without having to use her fingers every single time.. adding 6 is easier, adding 7 or 8 is still hard.

7:30-8 pm - spelling primer up to page 16, writing down words, correcting spelling
-school officially 'done' after this.. played with K'nex and toys some for fun :)

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