Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday New Year's Eve

10a    - PE(30x 15lb bench, 30x sit ups, 100 jumping jacks,
      30x 10lb deadlift, 30x 10lb bicurls)
10.30a    - calendar making
11.30a    - Liberty's Kids (ep 18, 19, 20)
12.30p    - calendars
1p    - (didn't load)
1.15p    - Tynker app
2p    - done

Mark did PE, as she was in such an active mood all week she just needed to get energy out.
The calendars were very cool - I could tell what almost every picture was she drew.

She did all the Tynker app... 10 levels... and Mark tried to find something similar for her next week.

I had a flat tire and had to wait an hour at the place to make sure it was fixed before driving home on it.

Esme is at Grandma's for a New Year's Eve sleepover.. and I have to work tomorrow.
We intend to give her the rest of the week off now until next Monday.

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