Monday, December 08, 2014

Monday birthday, spinning yarn, and Liberty's Kids

7:3a - gave Daddy the birthday present she had wrapped and the card she had made for him
8a    - Spinning yarn on a spindle
--replicated the K'nex spindle to make one of her own, made about a foot of yarn herself, watched me spin and then knit some of the wool into yarn - pieced through the wool roving and talked about it and things people had made and how.

9a    -
9.30a    - Liberty's Kids
10.45a    - break
--played in the paper from a UPS delivery..

11.30a    - Liberty's Kids, discussion
1p    - Done
We watched up to the fifth episode? of Liberty's Kids and talked a lot about the issues.. but it will be a while before she really gets the reality of what we were discussing.  She did compare the dates to the 1776 on our Declaration of Independence hanging up, and we looked at a map of where England was compared to 'the colonies'... lots of talk about tea and tax, but she still wasn't sure.

We did a bit more with the yarn while she watched the last episode, and then got ready for town and went out for Daddy's birthday lunch, and played with the little fishing rod and wooden toys that Grandma had given to Daddy for his birthday.

One of the movies Daddy got for his birthday is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.. and that is on now.

Before bed : read Margaret Hillert's 'Go to Sleep Dear Dragon' to me, and wandered Skyrim looking at things.

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