Thursday, December 31, 2009


The other mats were made of 'kitchen' cotton. This is wool sock yarn, the GGH stuff I was knitting small rabbit toys out of a good while back. I even leashed up a stick to give me a little quicker time of making the single color area. Considering that I began this at 6 pm last night and just picked it back up now today -- this is already pretty far along for the size of yarn. I don't know if this is going to actually work - but my hope is to fashion a woven slipper. The cardboard triangle was made from the back of a notebook. The cardboard is expendable and I made the holes with a long weaving needle. The warp only crosses one side with short loops on the back to hold it down. I've finished one of those 'triangles' to become the side of one slipper and started another. That is probably small enough I could probably take one to work to keep me busy during a lunch break.

The long woven piece should end out around 5 by 25 inches, with one end starting at my heel and going down across the sole of the foot, up over the toes and back to the front of the ankle. A few seams at the sides from toes to instep and then sew in the triangle pieces most of the way... Another small woven band with ties would probably be needed to hold it on the ankle. I used to make knit slippers this way back in Fargo -- it was a weird 'I made it up' pattern but it did work with knit. I wonder how it will work with this and if it is even worth a shot?

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