Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

The presents are wrapped and labeled, and ready to go up to Grandma's tomorrow morning. It will be interesting to see what gears turn when Esme sees the toys she 'asked' for at the store last week come out of the tissue paper wrapping tomorrow. I wonder if she'll understand. With her memory - I'm sure she'll remember. Daddy and I each have something silly wrapped up so we'll have things to unwrap with her and she gets the idea that Christmas is the whole family (as opposed to birthday). She also watched me 'unwrap presents' on a Facebook game and was so excited about 'present' that I tried my best to wrap up her things pretty with what I had in the house - so that they 'look like presents.'

I am happy to say that the pacifier is gone forever - and Esme has slept without it four nights in a row. She did throw a larger fit tonight though about wanting to go out and play more in the wagon after it was dark out and raining. All that after being so good and amusing herself around the room as I put the next weaving on the loom. I put her to bed about 7 and wrapped the presents afterwards while we watched 'Muppet Christmas Carol.' I'll have to post a picture of the latest finished woven mat after Christmas - it's pretty.

In truth I've forgotten to get my entire schedule for next week at work! I'll have to come in at 'earliest possible' on Saturday morning ready to work and if the schedule says different either go back home or go have a cup of coffee and read my book a little (depending on how long the wait would be). Maybe I'll be able to find out at 6 a.m. from the manager? We'll see. I really had thought I'd written it down last week so I didn't get the new January one today either!

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