Friday, December 18, 2009


I feel I really should be doing more with my degree - but also that I need to stay in the place I am as there is potential to move up. And Esme is so young right now, I'd like to wait until she goes to school to do anything that will take me away from the house for more of the day than now... but maybe by the time she gets to school age we'll need to look at a better school than what this area can offer? Lots of thoughts going through my head today.

I am taking the manager training to move up at the store. Things are going pretty good. But this is the time of year you start to wonder. Can I make more money if I commute to a larger town? I might need to in order to use this training within the 18 month time period it will be good. Am I ready for that?

There is a program at the local college that could expand my bachelor of science degree into a teaching degree. It is a two year class, and with the job I have now they will not give me time off or a different schedule to take classes unless I drop to part-time... which would mean less money coming in and more going out.

Things to think about. I can't even possibly move up in the company until April of next year... but then there are chances. Esme is just growing so fast and doing so many things that I wonder where she'll be in a few years. I am so glad Mark has been able to stay home and take care of her - keep her out of the awful daycare system here and give her one-on-one attention. She REALLY needs that.. she is so active with all the things she is interested in. He said he might be able to do a night shift job to bring more money in - but I think that wouldn't be a great match for how we live now. My schedule is up and down all over the place - whatever they whim... but it is always 39 hours a week. And Esme has never had a babysitter - we've never needed to (well maybe a few short times with grandparents, but those were emergencies not regular 'we're going out/have to be out for the day')...

Continue to think on it. I know there is more that I can do than managing a hardware/plumbing department. But I have a hard time jumping into things that might fail when it comes to supporting my loved ones.

In other news: Esme begged really hard for a ball-point pen today. I drew a kitty on the left hand side of the page - which she scribbled all over and underneath - and then did these interesting circles all over the right hand side.

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mrspao said...

I waited for quite a while before I did my Masters but I was glad I did but life throws different challenges at you and I'm now having to bring work home which I would have found difficult if I had children.