Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mark's birthday

It was very rainy today but we had a lot to do - so we went to town. Esme got to see the co-op kitties. they have grown all up and are big fat tomcats. Florence the co-op lady showed her their Christmas tree and gave her a free pamphlet about cows... which Esme loved! All the way around town I kept hearing 'cow, hi cow!' from the back seat. All that talking in the car about cows and she wouldn't say the word for Florence at the co-op at all! At the video store she got a new rubber superball.... she thinks she's entitled to one there now. We got groceries and then went on to the meat market where she also got a pork bbq sandwich and some peanut butter cookies. She loves to eat both so that made her day entirely. We went to Grandma's for just a bit after we got home and then Esme laid down for a nap while Mark and I watched the new Harry Potter movie.

My mom called in the middle of that - Esme woke up, talked to her 'Nana' in Minnesota some. Nana couldn't believe how well she could understand Esme. They talked about shoes and doggies and kitties and a few other things Esme likes to talk about before I enlisted Mark to help in prying the phone out of her fingers and sending her back to bed. I had to explain my last letter to my mom. Hate that. I try to write simple English but she still calls me up to ask what it means. Her memory is fading still and sometimes she can't keep one sentence straight while reading the next etc. She had misunderstood some things I had said and was worried something was wrong with Esme... not sure how she got that. I was telling her the cute story about Esme and the angel doll at the bank she said 'hi girl' to.

Mark said it was a good birthday - he rented a few movies he wanted to see, got fresh meat at Trolingers and a few other things.

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