Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to make a top hat

A description of how to make a top hat out of construction paper. Take a long rectangle as high as you want the hat and long enough to wrap around the wearer's head. Roll it into a tube and tape the sides. Cut a circle for the top a little larger than the diameter of the top of the tube. Slit the outside edge of the circle about 1/4 inch all the way around the circle and fold tabs up. Glue to inside of tube using the tabs. This is the top of the hat.

You can make a paper donut to glue to the bottom but it will not be quite as sturdy. If you add some cardboard and a bit of extra work it will be great. Cut a 'brim' cardboard donut that is the proper diameter for the tube on the inside and a bit wider on the outside. Cut a paper donut that is a bit smaller on the inside circle and a bit wider on the outside. Slit the inside of the paper donut just as you did for the top, and bend the tabs up. Slit the outside of the paper donut as well, and bend the tabs in the opposite direction. Glue the cardboard donut to the underneath of the paper donut. Use the outer perimeter tabs to glue over the edge so it is finished. Use the inner tabs to glue to the inside of the tube.

That would be a top hat out of cardboard and paper. Perfect for a snowman or Abe Lincoln costume.

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