Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No pacifier III

Still without it. Last night she woke up at 3 am and cried for about a half hour. It was pitious - but never really intense, just continued whine, putting her hands to her mouth, whine again. She didn't shriek at the top of her lungs like I've heard in the past. I pretended to stay asleep at first, then we asked her if she was 'ok' - told her it should all be 'ok' and reminded her she had her frog (stuffed toy) and her drink cup. I think I fell back asleep before she did. It was quite cute at one moment PeanutNinja the kitten came over to the bed and stretched up there giving her a 'you ok little one? you're crying!' expression. The kitten was ignored, but it was a cute gesture.

This morning she gave me some guff after I got her up and dressed. She wanted to go outside and watch the tree trimmers. She hadn't even gotten milk or breakfast yet, so I said 'No, downstairs first - get milk cup and cookie (cereal bar)' She screamed and pitched a fit. I put her back in her bed and said ok I'm going downstairs then... came back up and she was fully ready for milk and cereal bar. Now she's halfway through the bar and the milk and asking again... maybe we will go out and watch the big truck. Mark said she was cute yesterday talking to them.

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