Monday, December 21, 2009

No pacifier II

Slept all night without it - and woke up one hour earlier than usual. She cried and cried for about three minutes, asking for the pacifier once. After she had her breakfast in front of her the tears were gone. I felt a little guilty saying 'you lost it' - but she has made such good progress so far. It's true - she did lose it. I did find it. I just don't want to give it back because she is already, in my mind, too old to have it. And if she sleeps fine and most of the night without it and only cries when she wakes up and can't find it ... that isn't half as bad as last time she lost it and we truly couldn't find it until the middle of the night when she had kept us up screaming for hours.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the 'No paci' trend continues. Mark knows where it is if she really gets into a terrible fit later about it.

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