Friday, December 04, 2009

Vacation Friday news

It's the last day of my vacation and ever since the cold hit me in the beginning of the week it's had me down some. I'm not really sick but not well either :( And I'm so tired!

Anyway - we did do a lot this week even with all of that in play. We went to Hazel on Sunday - and then did grocery on Monday and Tuesday (different places have different things) and on Wednesday we went to my work and bought Esme a yellow wagon. It's a 'heavy-duty' outdoors wagon that Mark could even hitch up behind a tractor. Grandpa and Grandma pitched in on it - and it will help Mark a lot this winter when I have the truck and he has Esme and trash or mail to do... she is getting too heavy to carry yet won't walk all the way for him yet. And it is getting colder and there will be snow!

I also bought Esme a very cheap plastic elephant. She's loved the elephant on Starfall for so long. I got her two elephant books but she really isn't interested in them -- the plsatic elephant though she told me goes ERRRAR! and put her wrist to her forehead like an elephant trumpeting. He now lives on her teaset table. She also loves the new RAR monster pencil topper more than I could dream for a 50 cent toy. I gave her one of my kangaroos that didn't quite turn out and she can almost say 'garoo' now.

She is talking so much more - so very much more. She makes commentary on everything - tells the dogs and cats no no and go go, and has tried to say a lot of words she has heard (including a few we don't want her to YIKES). She is pointing out animals in books with the right name or sound and telling us and the animals about what they are doing etc...It's so cute to watch her 'read' to the dogs! She also has a new favorite Starfall word 'girl' - even used it at the bank the other day with a 'her-size' angel doll 'hi girl - (you're a) girl!.. girl...'

At my work she told a lady I worked with she had on the same color sweater as her jacket (pointed at shirt, pointed at jacket and did a 'wow' hand gesture) She also marched right through to the breakroom and over to my locker and grabbed the combo lock - this is what you do, right mom? That amazed a few people. Then she had a tantrum over not getting to keep a candy cane pen. Poor kid!

Hopefully I can clean up the house a little before tomorrow comes around... with being so tired and subject to Hurricane Esme it looks really disorganized!

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