Sunday, December 13, 2009

Activities for a smart two year old

Made up a few activities for Esme today that she liked.

We have these wooden pegs that came off a tie rack. She likes to count them. I used a knitting needle to punch a bunch of holes in a piece of cardboard and then we put the pegs in the holes. She directed me where to put some. I tried to show her she could loop yarn around them after that but she isn't ready for that part - just the counting and taking out/putting in of the pegs.

She found a box of cup hooks upstairs on my shelf. These are leftover from some hardware we used to sell on Ebay. She kept asking me what they were for and insisted on coming downstairs with the box. There is a wire grid basket down there that is supposed to go in the wagon. I turned the basket upside down and started hanging the hooks from the grid. She liked that a lot! I got told where to put several of them again. She took a metal rod and started playing 'bells' on the hooks. She didn't get the idea of putting the hooks on, but was working on fishing them out after knocking them off. It will be fun to work on if she wants to do it again.

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