Monday, December 21, 2009

Playing (my strange child!)

At this moment Esme is using the bottom shelf of my desk here at home as a slide into a large box full of blocks. She was doing it for a while saying 'wheee' but I just now clicked the idea. She has been playing loudly with us with her Koosh ball yoyo, and attempting to catch. She hasn't got the idea of grabbing the item but will put her hands out and say 'ready!' and then stand there and let it hit her chest -- and once in a while go into her hands (YAY I DID IT) haha. She was laughing so hard at some points there she could barely breathe. Then when she couldn't catch it a little later there were loud GRRRRRRs and a stomping-on-the-Koosh moment that nearly made Mark fall out of his chair laughing.

So many little toys and games she comes up with. Earlier the Koosh was being thrown in a coffee can that was being drug around on the wire grid basket from the wagon. Right now she has a plastic bottle (the one she pretended was shampoo the other night) she is holding up against her mouth, going 'ooooooo' into it and hearing the echo noise. Next came my coffee cup, and the coffee can....

Life is full of new discoveries for a two year old ;)

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