Thursday, July 05, 2007

22 weeks

Me and 'Baby Bazooka*' at 22 weeks

We were supposed to go to the maternity clinic this afternoon for a monthly checkup, but the doctor got called into surgery. We did a few other things in town and came back home to work on a computer project.

Susan: Yes I'm sure the day I can't get out of the bathtub or up off sitting on the floor will come soon and not looking forward to it!

I'll definitely be glad for the day my jeans fit me sitting down the same way they do standing up. Currently I have to unbutton them when I sit, and tighten my belt when I stand up... which makes for some interesting adjustments in public ;) These are the same jeans that were 'WAY too big' two and a half months ago... finally my belly had grown into them but somehow I change shape drastically at the waistline when I stand up vs. sitting down.

* Mark's nickname for her ;)


Ladeewolf said...

Use an elastic loop-thats what I did until I would get too big. I would make an elastic loop and run it through the button hole and just button as usuall-I sure couldn't zip em'.

The box is still being filled. the job takes most of my energy. When it is full I'll send it.

thursday said...

Have you heard of the Bella Band? It looks pretty cool (I found it searching on "pregnancy band" - I'd seen in months ago in Real Simple and cut it out thinking I might need one some day!). Seems a bit on the pricey side, but I guess it depends on how much it saves in new clothes, huh?

Chris said...


Jennifer said...

You look great!

Anonymous said...

Look at that cute baby!

mrspao said...

Aw how lovely!

Lynn said...

Oh I see you have given up on the belly shadow and replaced it with a real belly!