Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm a Cool Cat ... got a real dark eye

My shelter name is 'Tux.'

The boss says I'm a 'slick cool cat!' That's good, right?

Shh.. don't tell the lady, but I'm really a boy. She keeps calling me 'Good Girl', I wouldn't want to make her mad at me! There's a chance I might come back here next week, after something called a 'vet-visit' at the Humane Society. The boss looked me over again with the puppy on hand, and my attitude was entirely different. Instead of freaking out, I just boxed the puppy's ears once then let her lick me... I guess it wasn't all that bad, once I was out of the trap and able to defend myself, or run and hide.

The swelling on my nose was from that ugly cage - I battered myself pretty good in there. It's all better now, people seem to really like me, and I like everyone I meet! Five people have picked me up and they all seem to talk nice and pet me and scratch behind the ears just right.

I talk a lot - I'm a loud cat.. if you talk to me, I talk back! I got to run around in the office bathroom, and didn't even complain much when they brought out this 'cat carrier' thing (It was a lot nicer than the trap, a lot nicer!)

This office place might not be bad after all

The man at the humane society took me in and will take care of me this weekend, and we'll see what happens! They said something about neutering and shots - what are they? And what is this LinuxFest thing these office humans are going to this weekend?

If I don't see you again, at least I know people are taking care of me! The humane society man is VERY NICE! (P.S. - There are even six separate 'cat play-rooms' at the shelter - and only a few cats in each one. Wow! There are cat trees and food dishes and toys.... )

How I got into all of this...


Ana Petrova said...

I have two dogs and I talk for them too. I know exactly what they are thinking and I just help them out expressing their thoughts.

I'm glad you help out your kitty in expressing his thoughts.

Anonymous said...

She's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Cute! He reminds me of my Alex (who is a girl)! Those black and white kitties are so often so sweet!

Chris said...

Oh, that sounds much more promising!

Lynn said...

Honestly I must be going crazy.
I am sure I check your blog every day.
For some reason I still miss stuff.
Good Golly!
Have fun at the conference.
I am glad you can settle your mind about the cat.
I end up getting visions of my mind what kind of work environment you all have there.
Obviously your boss believes distractions are perfect productivity enhancers.

Anonymous said...

What a very cool cat! And it's a good thing. I hope only lovely good things are in your future, baby!

Gattina said...

Cats are my favourite pets and I have four. They are so funny to observe and they do also a lot of funny things.
Besides my keyhole blog and the writer cramps I also have a cat blog if ever you are interested in.
I saw your name in knitted kitten's blog and wanted to leave a comment on that little boy, but there is no way my links were all refused. "invalid URL" don't know why. Do you have her email perhaps ? I couldn't even find a profile.

mrspao said...

Great kitty! Hope he finds someone soon.

Teena in Toronto said...

What a handsome boy! I have a tuxedo cat too. He can be vocal at times too.

BTW, I LOVE Great Big Sea and have seen them in concert about six times. They are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, what a pretty cat - very nice pictures of him.