Monday, September 18, 2006

Squint and Fourth of July Kittens

The GREAT news

Squint and Riley
Squint and Riley at Kellen's house
Don't they look cute and happy together?
Thanks Kellen for sending the picture!
They look like they are making friends ;o)

I am SO GLAD Kellen gave Squint such a good and loving home. He really deserved it with his personality and smarts! She says he's already getting the habits of waking them up in the morning and coming when called :o)

And now, the maybe not so good news...
long spiel here!

Fourth of July Kittens
These were the kittens from the Fourth of July

Last night was the first time we had seen all four in quite some time. Mr.J put some food out for them - the first time since Labor Day that we had done so. Our neighbor, the new one who was afraid of Willowpede, called Animal Control this morning. They are setting out traps for them on our street tomorrow morning. I've called for more information, but won't know how/if we can help them until tomorrow.

I called our county shelter, it is one that puts animals down after XX number of days. They put them down immediately if they appear sick - so they don't bring it to the other animals. We'll see if there is anything we can do - our boss said he might take at least one here outside if they are in danger of being put down. We all have our own pets to be responsible for though, and we know that they come first.

Wow - I do get myself into things, don't I? I'm not out to save all the cats in the world - don't worry... I know the limits of my abilities. But sometimes you put out a little effort and see a spark there, a potential.. and don't want to easily give up! Am I crazy? Their momma cat had been an obvious 'thrown-out housecat.' She tried to come in my house several times, and meowed at me when we brought Doria's kittens to our house, asking to see them. Last night, after it was done eating, one of these cats came over to our window (which was open a crack) and sniffed noses with Willow and played paw-games with her. No hissing occurred.. just lots of bird-chirps and soft mews.

The neighbor called the control office because they tore up one of her patio chair cushions! I can see the damage to that one chair, but nothing else on our shared porch has been touched. Mr.J said he wants to work with the animal control too, if possible. He is the one who put the food out last night and doesn't want to see them all killed over a chair cushion. They really don't have a chance for a good life on the street either - so maybe this is for the best (if they get homes or into the no-kill) I'll keep you updated!

Knitting News

Knitting Experiment
Knitting experiment while I wait for my new circular needle to come in the mail. When it does come, I can continue working on the Theatre Shawl.

Geek News: We're going to the Ohio LinuxFest 2006 in Columbus, OH. Any good knitting stores I should visit there?


Jennifer said...

I'm so happy for Squint. Looks like he has found a great home.

Ok, why would she call animal control? I don't get people sometimes.

mrspao said...

Squint looks so happy.

You only do this because you love cats and I would do the same if I were you. The kittens are beautiful and if I were nearer - I'd be doing all I could to save them and get them rehomed.

Chris said...

I'm glad Squint got a good home - he really looks happy. And I hope things work out for those other cats... :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so great about Squint. He looks VERY happy! Yay!

Nice pix for the last week! I knew I'd miss a lot in a week.

No idea about the yarn stores, I stayed away from (all but one) while I was on vacation.

Sad about the other kitties. It's really hard not to get attached.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I hate blogger. It ate my post.

Squint looks so happy! Yay! :( about the other kitties though.

Nice pix from last week!

Obsidian Kitten said...

this is one of those makes me SO sad when things like this happen with these cats. i wish i were closer...we need a barn cat(s) SO badly, i would love to be able to rescue a family of kittens!

but like you said, you can't save them all..and look at the big success story Squint is. Yay Squnit! (who remains my little hero!)

all four of our cats are rescues (all indoor though, they don't solve our need for a barn cat, we rly need to go to the local shelter and adopt), and i try to remind myself that i've done what i can...

i really wish there were far more free/low-cost spay-neuter programs, and better promotion of the ones that do exist. plus trap/release vaccination/spay-neuter for wild and feral's the one cause i would work for if i was, you know, independently wealthy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Squint update! I've missed him!
I hope you can work it out with the four cats and get them into a no kill shelter! I'll be thinking happy thoughts for them!