Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!

Fireworks at Paris Landing State Park.
Click to enlarge!

Proof of Distant Parking
A friend's dog in his truck where we parked.
It rained heavily on the way there, and some during the show too!

Roadside neighbors having dangerous fun.

This mommy cat (on right) and her four kittens live near our block. There are three black and white kittens and one all black kitten. They don't come to people but Mr.J has hope for them. (he gave them some of our girls' food tonight)


Chris said...

Gorgeous fireworks pictures, even if it did rain a bit...

Oh, poor kittens. There seems to be a lot of stray cats and kittens where you live!!

Kelly said...

Nice fireworks. You just have sucha big heart for the kitties. It is nice to see someone cares.

RheLynn said...

It is really sad - because the winters are so mild (in TN as compared to MN) there are more strays - and very few people seem to care :o(

All the kittens are the reason Willow and Sally got 'surgery' at six months. They are happy and we can devote our energies to making sure they are healthy kitties as long as they are alive.

Carrie K said...

Nice firework pictures!

Poor kitties. You and Mr J are so sweet.

Jennifer said...

Lovely fireworks! I don't get to see them too often where I live.

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Great firworks pics!! Poor Kitties, wish I could take them all home with me!! Just found your site and I have bookmarked for future viewing. I must admit I'm a bit partial to us "southern" knitters as I'm in Alabama!