Thursday, July 27, 2006

6 weird things (meme) and I won?

I won a contest over at Knittymama's blog - for the 'I Can't Believe I Knit That! sweater entry. Thanks Knittymama! I really can't believe it, as I read all of the other stories and there were some things to learn from there! That is, for me -- I have a LOT to learn about knitting, as we can see ;o) Thanks Knittymama! (psst. does anyone have her email, please?)

Obsidian Kitten challenged me to this meme. Well, I'm super tired from three hours of sleep between kitten-rearing last night. These little ones are so worth it though! OK - I'm caffeinated, so here goes.

6 Weird things/habits about me. Well I will skip two medical ones, although they are indeed weird, and go onto six others.

1.) I too, clean like a furious tornado when I am worried or stressed. This comes, also, from my mother. I find it easier, though, to clean other people's houses than my own, unless someone is coming over to visit that isn't family. I clean like the wind then, too.

2.) I do automatic drawings, in ink. They are my specialty. I usually draw them while listening to music. A few lines and dashes on the paper turn into a crazy mix/mess of people, fish, birds and everything else.

3.) I attach to helpless things really quickly - like kittens, etc... not quite like the little girl in LooneyTunes, that won't let go of the kitty, ;o) but I'm the mothering type. I get very emotional about these little things.

4.) I am ambidextrous. I can write and draw with both hands. The left hand is shaky, but legible. I can also write backwards, but only with my right.

5.) I am a wordy linguistics geek. I love languages, ancient and contemporary. I have 'no ear' for speaking languages, but I understand and read three foreign languages quite well.

6.) I have lucid dreams in colour that are oh-so-psychadelic at times... but I think it's a good thing. I learn a lot from my dreams ;o) like what I'm worrying about lately.

there we go!


stuffed said...

#2 is fabulous.

Chris said...

Congrats!! I have her email - drop me a line. :)

#2 is indeed fabulous.

Obsidian Kitten said...

your automatic drawings are so cool! i wish i were more of a visual person...i'm more into words. i love languages, too...and codes and runes and things like that.

i am also the one that strays attach to and follow home...everyone makes fun of me for it. (I can't watch shows like Animal Cops, i actually burst into

i dream in color too, and sometimes i can feel the textures of things with my hands. i've even had sensory dreams where i could smell things, like wood or certain flowers. weird, but really really cool!

Anonymous said...

How cool are you! You've managed to come up with 12 interesting things about you (having now done the meme twice).