Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Walk in the Forest with Daddy and Kitty

I'll be working for the next seven days so we took a lot of pictures today!

A walk in the forest with Daddy and Mommy and Kitty :)
Mouse the Manx cat insisted on coming along

Follow the Leader!

This log is in the way!

Up and Over!
We told her she was such a good girl for getting over it all by herself!

Where to Next?

This way Mom!

All Done - Go home now!

She is positively running - fast, but that doesn't mean she doesn't fall over things doing it. She is climbing up and over logs, into chairs and doing so much better on the stairs. We still need to supervise the stairs though, because she thinks she can go down frontways and upright - because she can on the outside stairs. The inside ones are too steep for her right now though!

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