Thursday, April 09, 2009

Help mom with laundry

Esme helped me put stuff from the washer to the dryer today. I had taken everything out of the dryer and showed her it was dry - and she always wants to close the dryer door then. I opened it again and put some wet clothes in - and showed her the clothes were wet and the ones we pulled out earlier were dry. She put the dry shirt in the dryer and turned around to point at the washer. I started giving her more from the washer and she put them in the dryer like a good little helper. Finally I said we were all done and she was a little upset about that but happier when it meant we could close the dryer door again.

She saw her big rag dolly on the floor of the laundry room and was going to pick it up but I told her it needed to be washed and she was sad but left it there. He's in the washer now and needs to go in the dryer.

We went to town with her yesterday and showed her lots of flowers in the greenhouse at work. She ate some French fries and got a red Gerbera daisy from a coworker of mine. She also smacked her forehead yesterday after we got home from town, making a bruise on one side of her head to match the one on the other side of her nose she had gotten a few days before. What a kid! She's alright and on the mend though - just trying to look like Rocky at a young age.

Her other big thing started yesterday: She's been going around the house since then singing 'deedle deedle deedle' We have no idea where she got that from.

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Michelle said...

Piper loves to help with the laundry too. Let's hope they still want to help when they get older. She had a bruise on her cheek for the last week, but it finally going away. I'm so happy because we are having pictures taken tomorrow.