Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Before the Carnival

Esme's new 'bike' (tricycle) from the flea market. She already loves being pushed around on it, although she can't push the pedals yet.

'bye bye' Mom I'm riding my bike

We didn't go to library hour this morning. I was having too much fun just being with Esme and we were planning on going to the carnival in the evening. Esme tried to wash stuff (rub rub while holding a washcloth up against something) and was interested in when we loaded and ran the dishwasher. She also pointed to the oven light left on from breakfast and said 'pizza' and played her letter herding back and forth across the room and in and out of a five gallon bucket.

We went to see Grandma for just a very short amount of time on our walk and then Daddy made beef stew for lunch. After that a nap, and then up and out to the World's Biggest Fish Fry carnival.

Pushing the cart around in the basement kitchen

Daddy got some cheese out of the fridge!

Alphabet Soup!

Telling me puppy has E's - which she corrected to 'eyes' and then back to E's

Clapping at something in the yard, I forget what

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